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Figured I would start this up for everyone wanting to even up the new car pack for the next season of Street Outlaws. This is just what I have come up with for a few of the new cars. I would like everyones input on the subject as I think we have some great cars in this May pack that alot of folks would like to run. Once again These are just suggestions until the Final word is passed down from above.

1940 Ford Coupe for Unlimited- The car is way fast for PI, Just set a 8.217 run with A700 with the gallardo engine in it. I would say we outlaw the gallardo engine all together for unlimited with this ride and cap it's HP at 1000hp and below. 

So far with the Nascar Engine Maxed out at 994hp and a PI cap of A670(That's right,A670 lol) I have the car running consistent 8.783-8.817. This is right inline with current unlimited times.

Under true street rules with the Hemi in it the car runs in the low 9.500's consistent. with more tuning I think it will hit the 9.400's may need to cap the pi  on the car for this Class.

1957 Chevy for unlimited- This car maxed out in A class is running 8.767 with a decent tune. may need to cap a little, may not.

For True Street the 57 is in the 9.417 range so we will definitely need to cut back on it here.

For heavy the car is way fast like the nova. Base tune rendered 10.067. I'm sure it will hit the high 9.900's as the nova and 70 camaro do. We can cap this car acoordingly for next season when we find out what we do with the nova and other standouts.. 

The 1968 dart for Unlimited- This car is running Identical times with the 69 nova so far,8.850's with the nascar engine maxed out.  No problem there.

True Street runs around 9.767

Haven't tuned heavy yet but will eventually. Later everyone.


Fresh out of gears and my shift light's on.

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Kru Jones
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nice stats CBS!!!!


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Great work Cbs I'll be running the 68 dart in unlimited next season
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Thanks guys, I will be running that 40 coupe in any series I can fit it in next season, LOL


Fresh out of gears and my shift light's on.

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