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reaper mech
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ok i want to do something for you guys here and on the forums so im sharing all of the tunes i make for the rivals events, i know some of you dont run rivals, but for those who do here is the link to the post :

please feel free to ask me whats in the cars and tell me what you think they might need to be better


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Good stuff reaper. i may pick up your circuit tunes as i dont have much time to tune these days for circuit


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Yeah man this is a good idea, seeing how they did away with car clubs and club garages, which always had cars from members for rival events. It would be nice to see those with the fastest rivals times post there tunes here to keep up with the team spirit!
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reaper mech
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ok out with the old rivals and in with the new !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tunes for the monthly are as follows :

RM zoom zoom car : mazda #7 usf 2000 tune is for the drag race event "Zoom Zoom" . no tcs,stm,abs, use manual w/o clutch for best launch wait until "2" shows on screen to hit full gas shift at red current best time is 14.750 #7 as of 9:05 pm cst


RM ET - car 1995 corvette zr-1 tune is for the event "Early Times" auto x event. tcs no stm, abs, manual w/clutch. car only uses 1-3rd gear drive gently through the cones and pound on it on the straights !!! current best time is 1:46.141 also #7 as of 9:05 pm cst


more coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!


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