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Mojo Crowzombie
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MUSTANG vs The World

Round 4

Pure Street 10.700




Our 4th race this season went straight into the final as only 8 racers showed for the 10.700 Pure Street Championship.  A leader board shake up was in store as three of the top points leaders would miss the race. 


Mojo and MyStang would be the only mustang captains, running the 1970 Boss Cobra and the 2005 GT.  The rest of the field had Jet in his w427 Holden, Mouse in his 1970 Chevelle, Dodge in the 09 Challenger, BigBen in the Killer Bee, Hot in the Porsche 944, and Hadji in the Sox and Martin Barracuda.  The racers were ready for battle as all would be running close to the bracket during warm ups.


Round 1 would see Hot and Mouse exit 1st and 2nd with Hadji and Mojo to follow.  Jet would exit in the 5th and Dodge in the 6th leaving BigBen's Coronet, which would edge out MyStang's GT by .001 for the top points.  Round 2 would be deja vu for Hot and Mouse as they would once again just dip into the 10.6s.  BigBen would swing the door open wide as he would exit in the 3rd.  Hadji would better his previous round by 1 goning out in the 4th.  The 5th heat would be scrubbed as Hot's Pirelli drag radials would fail having a right front go down sending him into Dodge's Challenger.  This would result in a chain reaction of chaos collecting 5 cars in the mayhem (see photos below).  The 6th round would get the race back on track as MyStang and Dodge would be eliminated in a double elimination leaving Mojo and Jet battling for the top points.  Jet would run under Mojo's time taking the 8 pts and resulting in a double tie for 1st and 4th.  Jet would run MyStang for 1st, Mojo would run BigBen for 4th, and Dodge would have 3rd locked down.  The tie breaker round would give Jet the win as MyStang would breakout, and Mojo would deny BigBen taking the 4th place points.  Thanks to all who participated and gear up for next week RENEGADE 10.300 Championship.


Check out the pics below of some after race action as we ran stock V8 Supercars.  BigBen would out run Mojo and posted the quickest pass in 5 heats.



1st - Jet Performance

2nd - x MyStang2F4U x

3rd - Wolfpack Dodge

4th - Mojo Crowzombie


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I'm still shocked that I broke out during the 3rd round.  The car had never broken out before, but it decided too right then.  Great racing last night by all.


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[email protected]
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Awesome recap. Sucks i missed out on this one. Congratulations to Jet for taking the Win.


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Congradulations Jet on the win!! I was in bed sick and couldn't make the race but I will be back this weekend.

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JET Performance
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Gr8 write up & pics Mojo that accidental crash caused by Hots Porsche  did cause a chain reaction it looks like I slammed Ben's Super Bee on purpose but it was after a massive smack from Mojos Stang that has a big shunt from & so on. Thanks guys gr8 racing. See you next weekend for 10.300.

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