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Mojo Crowzombie
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Mustang vs The World






Part 2 of MvW brought back the top eight drivers of the season and set the dial to 10.500.  WooZ would enter the competition with a 3 point lead but the rest of the field had thier rides set to kill and it could be anyones race.  Early practice heats would show a very close field as mid to low 10.5's lit up the board.  The FOMA team would run the modern mustangs with Foxbody, Cobra, and Shelby all in attendance.  The FOMIA would span the decades with classic MOPAR power, 90's muscle, Aussie original, and modern German engineering.


Round 1 would begin with a shocker as Mojo and Silent would hit a 10.494 and fall in a double elimination.  Ben and Hektic would go out next in a second double elimination with a 10.477, saving a slip up by WooZ.  With heads spinning and half the field gone in 2 heats, WooZ, Jet, cipher, and Hot tried to knuckle down and ride out the storm.  The 5th heat points would go to Hot with a 10.498 breakout.  Jet would exit next with a 10.494 breakout.  It was clear that the field was pushing it to the edge as cipher and Wooz lined up for the final heat of Rnd 1.  With 10.494, cipher go out to WooZ who posted a 10.501. 


Round 2 would begin with Hektic and his monster BMW chewing up the asphalt and finding the early exit.  Nothing could have prepared the field for the next heat as Jet, Mojo, and Silent would fall in a triple elimination with a 10.544.  Once again half the field would be eliminated in only the 2nd heat.  WooZ, Hot, Ben, and cipher would look to capitalize on the maddness.  The 5th heat would go to cipher capping off a strong run.  BigBen would go out next leaving Hot and WooZ in the mix.  The final pass would go to Hot wit a 10.534 to a 10.550 by WooZ.  With a strong tune and some good fortune WooZ finished 1st,  Hot continued his late season surge taking 2nd, with cipher and BigBen putting some new blood up in the top 4.



1st- KILLERWooZ- 74 pts

2nd- HotLZ77- 64 pts  + 3

3rd- S1LENTK1LLER318- 63 pts  -1

4th- Jet Performance- 62 pts  -1

5th- Mojo Crowzombie- 60 pts  -1

6th- BigBen0913- 50 pts

7th- cipher- 48 pts  +1

8th HekticAunt78- 46 pts  -1



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Congrats Wooz on the championship title! Looks like i missed out on some close and intense racing this season!

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congrats to you wooz on the championship this season look forward to next season whatever it may bring


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JET Performance
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Conrats on being crowned sesaon Champ Wooz :) Thanks heaps Mojo for the gr8 write week to week & awesome photos this week 8) Some very close racing yesterday & pending on the way a little lady luck fell the final standing may have been slightly different not so the top spot though that was quite a margin & thoroughly deserved by Wooz to win Champ race 1 & 2 so I'm happy to hand the crown over from Down Under SA to Kentucky! 8)


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Thanks guys, this has been a great season! The format and series was a dream come true because I got to drive Mustangs all season and to get the crown was the cherry on top. Great job Mojo and thank you for putting in so much effort to make this season so good for us all. Voodoo!!!

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Congratulations Wooz. Wow what a season guys. A big thankyou to Mojo for running these races and keeping us updated with these awesome recaps. I have missed racing in these races so bad. From what ive seen the competition has been second to none.


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