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Wanted to see if there was any plans for the the new season, Are you guys planning on running the season in fm5 or fh2? Would love to to see the series come full circle again and guys start enjoying the game again. Im glad to see all the new guys in the series and would like to see some of the former racers return as well (HeartlessHorror,Yeti,Kru,Cbs,Pac,Leadfoot,) Tx Schmidt  big props to you my man for running if theres 16 or 4. I think with the guys that are currently on the list and all the other guys making a return i think we will have some great racing. Maybe could even start a top 15??? But lets all weigh in and give some input and come up with some rules and classes and get this thing jumping again....

1.Date to start a new series?

2.Classes for the new season?

3.Rules for the new season?


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Idea for a new season.

We do strip and street outlaws.

basically run on the strip 1st using the unlimited rule set but the bracket is 9.000

best of 3 races on call outs after the list is established.

you have to use the same car for the street and strip.

The PI must remain the same as well.

you can however have a different tune for the track and the street.

some cars may be capped to allow fairness.

On the street it will be one and done.

Just throwing some ideas out there but thats all i got so far


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Ohh, I came back the last race. Just didn't know it was the last one of the season. lol


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