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Well guys its time again for FODRL's FM5 Street Outlaws True Street Class..

Badassafied was keen to getting this started again so he will be running it with my help.   


So here is how it is going to go down!

The first race which will be this Saturday November 22nd @ a whole new time of 10.00pm EST will be a qualifier that will be run on the Drag Strip to figure out the seeding. This will determine the Top 10 list for True Street. 


The race will be in the 8 wide format but without the bracket. Basically how it will work is the slowest guy gets knocked out until 1 person is left. Just like 8 wide points are awarded to racers as they get knocked out eg. 1st racer knocked out gets 1 point, 2nd racer knocked out gets 2 points and so on.

In the event of a tie for a place there will be a run off and the winner holds the place with the loser taking the next position.


After the Top 10 is established racers can only call out the person above them ( just like the show)

Races will be 1 and done and will be held on the street at an agreed upon location.

Call outs can only happen on the weekly run and if you cant make the race you lose your spot.

For full rules and restrictions go to -




Now for the restrictions on cars - (choose wisely as once you are on the list you cant change your car unless you drop off the list)


The rules for True Street will be -

• Max PI: A675

• 700hp Max

• 2500 lb minimum weight

• Motor swaps allowed but NO RACE MOTORS

• Drag Tires required

• Front engine RWD only

• Must be a car seen at the drag strip (no exotic imports Eg. Ferrari, Lamborgini Etc..)




Sign up below using this template -




Alias: (your street name)

True Street car:

I have read the rules: Y/N


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Posts: 611

Gamertag: HeartlessHorror


Alias: HH


True Street car: TBD


I have read the rules: Y


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spl usevicz
Posts: 38

Gamertag: slp usevicz

Alias: mikey

True Street car: tbd

I have read the rules: Y

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Alias: BAD


True Street car: tbd


I have read the rules: Y

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Gt:slow302stang. Alias: stang True street car: 85 rx7 I have read the rules (y)
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Posts: 10
Gt : cobrajoe01. Alias joe true street 69 mustang ... yes read rules
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