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fhra[email protected]
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Hey guys, Here is the rule set so far for FM5 street outlaws Call outs

LMK what you think and what i should change



FM5 Street Outlaws Call Outs

We will now be allowing call outs at any time through the week. This is to allow more races to go down and get some more movement in the list.

So here is how its going to go down.

Call outs are to be made in the FM5 Street Outlaws Call out thread.

A message then needs to be sent on the site to the person you want to call out as well as myself so I can ensure the message was sent.

The Racer you called out now has 48hrs to respond to the message advising of the times they will be available to run.

If no response is sent within this time you will lose your place and move down a spot.

Once the racer that has been called out responds with the times they are available the race must be run within 48 hrs. If this doesn’t happen both racers retain their current positions.

A racer in an active call out can not be called out or do a call out of there own (if you are being called out) so keep an eye on the Call out thread. (I will try to manage and update it as much as I can)

Rules for call out races.

A call out must have at least 1 other person present to officiate.

If there is one person the go will be called out while the official is at the finish line or if you can have 2 officials one will run the lights and the other watch the finish line.

Both racers then need to post on the FM5 Street Outlaws Call out results page to advised the winner.

Eg if racer 1 posts stating they won then racer 2 must also post saying racer 1 won. (I can trust there wont be any disputes especially being that an official must be present)

I will keep the leaderboard updated as much as possible but keep an eye out on the call out and results thread in case I haven’t recently updated it.

Getting on the list

There will be a race held each Saturday night for a chance to call out the gatekeeper.

Racers wanting to get on the list must message ‘Big Chief’ (Me) before Friday 12pm EST (requests after this time will be for the next week)

If I only get one request within that week then that person will be able to call out the Gate keeper

If more than one person message me then we will schedule a race to see who goes through to take on the 10 spot.

One of the racers on the list will run the race

Race will be at 8pm EST on Saturday night unless specified otherwise.


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spl usevicz
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We were talking last week during the races and part of doing the during the week call outs would be for people who can't make it every Saturday but you would have to run within the week if you miss Saturday or you loose a spot
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spl usevicz
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Also we were discussing a possible no show for 2 weeks in a row they get bumped off or to last place then a 3rd week get kicked otherwise it's hard to get everyone to move up if someone is in the way and not showing
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This sounds perfect. We were going to keep the Sat. night race going, and allow call outs during the week.


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Ok guys we will run the race this weekend and then going forward after that we will run the weekly event but allow callouts mid week. I will finalise the rules shortly and post them in the rules section


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