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This race is set for Saturday May 30th and will be run on Catalunya.

East Side will be running @10pm Est.

West Side will be running @10pm Est.


With the hype we have had for this series we have decided to run 2 lists - One Eastside and One Westside. See the map below to see which side you will be on and make sure you let us know in your sign up.

HeartlessHorror will be the Racemaster for the Eastside and Sportsman5990 & Kru Jones will be the Racemasters for the West. Make sure you add them as a friend and around race time jump in their lobby.

Only racers signed up here will be allowed in the lobby. If you are not signed up you will be kicked.




For full Rules & Car Restrictions go here -


Any questions regarding this series please ask them here -


Please sign up using this template




Eastside or Westside:

True Street Car:

Heavy Street Car:

I have read the rules: Y/N


Note - Only 2 of the same car are available on each list so first 2 to sign up with a particular car are guaranteed to use that car.  


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