Build Off

These will be held randomly throughout the week.

With all the excuses in the Forza world today I thought this would be an interesting concept. It may not eliminate all the excuses, but most (tuned car for hours/days, launch methods, etc.). This may be considered a "card board box" by some, but in reality anyone with tuning skills would prevail regardless of the playing grounds. Hope you all like the idea, show up to run, and have fun!

How It's Going Down -

1. I will call a random person to name a car, a 2nd person to call out a horsepower limit, 3rd for weight limit, 4th person picks a street to run on.
2. We will then have 20 minutes to purchase, upgrade, & tune the car.
3. Everyone will be required to join the lobby immediately or they will be disqualified. If there are claims of connection issues, you will have to record the last 30 seconds as proof. Everyone is to remain in the lobby.
4. We will run 1 heat runs. (Jump or stall and a rerun is up to your opponent.)
5. "Last man standing" is the winner of the night.

"Playing Grounds" -

- TCS/STM/Friction Off
- No drivetrain swaps





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