FHRA started out around the start of 2011 on Forza Motorsport 3 and was established as a place to get away from the public lobbies with everyone running leaderboard cars and race events with cars you see on the streets and at the drag strip.


Over the years we have had a great time and met alot of great friends. The site has been through a few changes starting as a forum based site then moving onto the format it is now with the fhra.webs.com. After issues with NHRA on that site we started over again and created FODRL.


We have done a whole lot of racing and run a fair few seasons since starting the FHRA.

Here are the winners of the championship races over the years



Numero Uno


This was our very first season with site founder xPPRTxPACMANx (Now PAC Performance) clinching the Victory. In the first season we ran Street races and on the Strip.

Here is a Recap vid made by jenosaidoZombie - http://youtu.be/5l-2RE70w8M 




Supercharged Outlaws


As the name suggests it was all about supercharged cars for this second season of FHRA and Leaderboard smasher MrCASSIUS CLAY joined us for this season to show off his drag racing skills and take the championship

SEASON 3 - END Impulse


Grassroots Season 1


Our first season of our very popular Grassroots series. Basically you choose a car and run it for the entire season gradually making more money for parts along the way to upgrade your car to make it faster and still be competitive. By far my favourite race format. Impulse proved to be consistant all season and take out the crown.

SEASON 4a - Mojo Crowzombie


Top Eliminator - 1970 Chevrolet Camaro


This was one of our 1st bracket racing events and the Bracket was set to 10.200. Mojo came into the finals as the lowest seed and had to win out the night to be crowned the champion. Needless to say he did just that and walked away with the trophy :)



SEASON 4b - PAC Performance


Stock Engined Muscle Cars - 1971 Plymouth Cuda


This season we created a class where you could only use the stock engine. It was a hotly contested season which came down to the wire between site founders PAC and Detroit. Even though in the pics it looks like Detroit won the game gave it to PAC.

SEASON 5 - HotLZ77


Pro Eliminator - 2002 Chevrolet Camaro


HotLZ77 took this series out running his 2002 Chevy Camaro in the final.

The series final was a 10:500 bracket race.

I know many a racer in this league that would be worried about facing HotLZ. This guy can hit more than any other racer. A fierce competitor and very consistent.

SEASON 6 - PAC Performance


Grassroots Season 2 - 1997 Mazda RX7


The second season of the popular Grassroots series and this time PAC took his FD RX7 all the way to the championship. The car struggled in the first few races but once he could afford more parts the car came together nicely.


Here are a couple vids of the season -



Test & Tune - http://youtu.be/XmytwD6b2zo

Race 1 - http://youtu.be/QFQrazjwsvU

Race 2 - http://youtu.be/wYdgcluNLaw

Race 3 - http://youtu.be/H-tN5QSE8MM

Race 4 - http://youtu.be/LDSc7pilJxg

Race 5 - http://youtu.be/Nq0s833YPac

Race 6 - http://youtu.be/TqmmhVWan88

Race 8 - http://youtu.be/L6j3pa4_-Ks


SEASON 7 - DevientMD


BrackATTACK - 2006 Chevrolet Corvette


This season we decided to get back into the bracket racing but changing up the bracket times the whole season running on a variety of tracks. DevientMD went out hard from the get go winning the majority of the races. He ended up taking out the championship in his 06 Vette which was on point all night!!

SEASON 8 - ColdBlueSteel49


Grassroots Season 3 - 1964 Ford Fairlane


Grassroots was back again but this time it was Grassroots teams with each team repping a manufacturer.

ColdBlueSteel and his team dominated the series in their Fords.

In the end there could be only one champion and CBS prevailed taking his 64 Fairlane to the win in the final and taking out his first season.




8 Wide Season 1

This was the first time we ran 8 Wide as a season. It became a very popular format and brought some very close racing. GSR & Disco took their team to the finals and took the win proving they were the dominate team of Season 9      




8 Wide Season 2

We loved the 8 Wide format so much we ran it again for season 10 and this time the teams changed around a bit but GSR proved to be the king of 8 wide taking his team all the way to the championship again and both he and Silent came out on top overall.

SEASON 11 - JET Performance


BrackATTACK Season 2 - 2005 Ford Mustang


We went back to the BrackATTACK format for season to have a break from 8 wide. This season saw 8 different winners of the weekly races so by the end of the season we had 4 racers tied for first. Going into the championship race the points were wiped with bonus points given to the top 3 place getters to give them a headstart. After the dust settled it was Sportsman who beat JET in the final race but JET had the points to secure the championship. Before going into the final JET was on equal second place. He was consistent all season and raced well to get into the final.

See the recap of the champ race here - http://fodrl.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/12798708-brackattack-championship-recap



Mustang vs The World - Mustang


For the 12th season we ran 8 wide again but this time with a twist. It was Mustang vs the World and when the dust settled it was a Mustang driven by WooZ that took top honours. Said to be the best racing season to date from its participants, The format brought out some of the closest racing we have ever seen. Congratulations to KILLERWooZ on a very deserving win.

See the recap of the final race here -


FM5 Street Outlaws Season 1

True Street #1
ColdBlueSteel49 "CBS"


ColdBlueSteel49 or "CBS" hit the list hard with his 1979 Chevrolet Camaro securing the number 1 spot after race 4 taking it from YETI in his 69 Stang.

Heavy Street #1
Badassafied "BAD"


This class started mid way through the season but proved to be quite a fun bracket with the Heavy cars being quite competitive. 'CBS' qualified in 1st place for this class but 'BAD' took it on the street and held on for 2 weeks until this season was over


#1 Unlimited Street
ColdBlueSteel49 "CBS"


After qualifying 3rd on the list "CBS" fought his way to the top of the list by race 3 and held it only letting it go to PAC Performance in his 69 Nova for 1 week before taking it straight back. "CBS" and his Blue Angels Vette proved to be a hard car to beat all season.

Street Outlaws Season 2

True Street #1
jurucutungo "Juru"


 Juru saved the best till last running his LS powered S15 to victory in the last race of the season to take the top spot




Heavy Street #1
Cv ViiRuZ


ViiRuZ ran well all season and finished out on top in his 1991 GMC Syclone

Unlimited Street #1
jurucutungo "Juru"


 Juru went all out and paid big $$ for his Unlimited car running the Shelby Daytona Coupe. Some may say he is a bit of a showoff but his car got the results he wanted giving him the street outlaws crown for this season in Unlimited Street


xxBLESSEDxx116 "HH"


In the last race of the season and coming onto the list after taking out the gatekeeper HeartlessHorror climbed to the top and took out the all conquering Mercury in his 1967 Corvette Stingray.

Here is a vid of the action in the last race. http://youtu.be/GZmQ_8XYTRY


Eastside #1



He ran hard all season working his way up from the bottom and taking out the top spot in the final race!

Westside #1



After a strong start to the Westside list DevientMD wasn't able to hold out Sportsman from taking the top spot in his 'Wild Streak' Mustang or his Fulvia.

FM4 Street Outlaws Season 1

Season 1 #1


After high demand we kicked off our first season of Street Outlaws on Forza Motorsport 4. HeartlessHorror, held first for a few weeks after Sgt McSqueegy had to drop off the list, but xTHE AQUAFRESHx was gaining on him quickly. His Gremlin was hooking and booking and he made it past everyone to claim his spot at the top of the list by the final race!

FM5 Street Outlaws Season 3

Eastside True Street #1 funkyFATman93

Definitely came in determined to win. We had ups and downs with this racer, but when it came to drag racing he was all about it. He took 1st place and was undefeated this season.

Eastside Heavy Street #1


Joe initially started racing with FODRL in FH2 Street Outlaws. Unlike last time where he had to climb up to 1st, he remained within the top 3 and ended up in first when it most mattered!

FM5 Vintage Trans Am Series Season 1

Season Winner
reaper mech

reaper mech came in dominating this season. He took 1st place in race one and held onto that position for the majority of the season. DevientMD, Sportsman5990, and Scalded Dog 89 were chasing him down but he always manged to break off from the pack!

FM5 Nostalgia Super Stock Series Season 1

Season 1 Winner

He came to win, and that he did! Oknorb61 was on his tail the whole season, but he wasn't letting his Booze Brother take this win!

FH2 Street Outlaws Season 3


Outshined II

Outshined II started off in second place but gained and held his place at the top of the list. daily chills took a shot at him but couldn't take his place, RyeBread HD took 1st but quickly lost it the following week, and I (xxBLESSEDxx116) had a shot but didn't have what it took to beat his Monte Carlo SS!

FM6 Mustang vs. The World Season 1

Season 1 Winner

This was another successful season!  Unfortunately team Voodoo wasn't around to join us but we had a great group of racers. We had individuals come and go but in the end the one of the  dedicated racers took home the win. Congrats to our very own Sportsman5990!

FM6 BRACKattack Season 1

Season 1 Winner


ROLLINnomad appeared along with GILLbamadill this season. They definitely made one heck of a first impression. From day one these two were on point and were always hitting some close times! They had DevientMD and I on our toes but that wasn't enough in the end! The points were close, but ROLLINnomad took the final and won the season! Congrats!

FM6 Street Outlaws Season 1

Season 1 #1

In race 3 I barely placed going up against 2 very competitive racers, but I managed to get 8th. I eventually got into the top 5. Throughout the season it was a constant battle with 2 beastly cars which kept exchanging 1st and 2nd, xBBSxFLGOONZ407's C2 and Sportsman5990's Cougar. Mr Momesh joined the party shortly after in one mean GSX. In the end, I managed to get it together and took 1st place!


FM6 NASCAR Season 1

Winner: Sportsman5990

We had to run a series once the NASCAR pack was announced! DevientMD quickly set up a series, some awesome competition showed up, but Sportsman5990 took the win!




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